Value Selling

This course is for anyone in a customer facing role.  It is ideal for those in external sales at all levels, looking to develop their selling and broader business skills. 

We will explore ideas that will help in our customer interactions, adding value for both us and the customer and significant additional profits to the business. 


  • Develop a professional sales structure that can be utilised in any sales situation.
  • Work to sell on value rather than price, utilising the SALSA structured sales process.
  • Achieve consistently excellent results, based on a real understanding of customer requirements.
  • Build objectives and Action Plans that will drive continuous improvement.


Who should attend?

Sales and commercial people at all levels – the course can be delivered at increasing levels of advancement.

Take your first steps for better Business Development

Professional Selling

  • Attributes of successful salespeople
  • What does professional selling really mean?
  • Continuously building your knowledge base
  • Focus – what am I paid to do?
  • What are our real USP’s?
  • Developing your 90 second introduction
  • Having clearly defined account and call objectives
  • Understanding account profitability
  • The power of 1%
  • Reducing the Cost to Serve
  • Preparing for professional buyers

Developing Your Business

  • Motivating the buyer
  • How to add 10% to the profitability of every account
  • Charging for extras and add-ons
  • Ensuring we see our share of cost savings
  • Ensuring business fits with our capabilities
  • Understanding the markets you operate in
  • What do you know about competitors?
  • The relationship between quality, service and price
  • How to build long term business relationships
  • Different personality types and our approach
  • Setting objectives and Action Plans

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Negotiating For Profit

Selling revolves around one key concept – persuasion. Negotiating can be looked at as a problem solving process in which the needs of both parties will be in part accommodated in the outcome.

New Business Development

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is finding new business, in addition to holding on to existing customers. Most businesses lose on average 10% of customers each year so a consistent flow of profitable business coming in is essential..

Value Selling

Successful sales people never lose sight of the main focus which is to sell in order to increase revenue. But, as the saying goes “you cannot put the same shoe on every foot”. The Value Selling process emphasises the importance of listening to your client before trying to offer a solution.

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