New Business Development

This course aims to develop the skills and ability to win a consistent flow of profitable new business in both existing and new accounts.

We cover every aspect of New Business Development from identifying markets and potential clients, written communications, obtaining first meetings, to monitoring and winning the business and subsequent account development.


  • Build confidence, skills and ability to deliver a consistent flow of profitable new business.
  • Identify target markets/customers and select the best fit targets.
  • Develop the skills required to win profitable business in new and existing accounts.
  • Create and develop a structured plan for new business delivery – Sales Platforms.
  • Reduce lead times for new business development.
  • Make real appointments to start the new business development process.
  • Put together a plan of action to drive new business.

Who should attend?

Given a one-team approach to new business development, anyone in a customer facing role and anyone who can participate in identifying and winning new business. We cover every aspect of New Business Development from identifying markets and potential clients, communications with clients, obtaining first meetings, monitoring and winning the business, through to strategic account development

Take your first steps for better Business Development

New Business Planning

  • There are lots of reasons to move over to us
  • What constitutes new business?
  • Why do we need a consistent flow?
  • How much new business do you need this year?
  • How will you make more time for new business?
  • How to win new business at improved margins
  • Utilising the SALSA sales process in new business development
  • Developing a realistic plan for new business success
  • The one team approach to new business

Market Platform

  • They don’t choose us, we choose them!
  • What markets are we most interested in?
  • What sources do we use to find new business?
  • Identifying high churn accounts
  • How do we shorten new business lead times?
  • Selection criteria for new accounts
  • Written communication that has impact
  • Getting past the gatekeeper
  • Appointment making techniques

Working Platform

  • Are we talking to the right people?
  • Qualifying accounts using the Project Framing process
  • Setting a Drop Dead Date to promote progress
  • How much time is spent on new business?
  • Accepting it’s a numbers game – measuring strike rates
  • Monitoring progress and results – progress grading

Buying Platform

  • Brickwalling customers to make time for new business
  • Winning new business from existing customers
  • Taking a larger share of the cake
  • Ensuring business is profitable
  • Selling, not giving away extras from the start
  • Account penetration process
  • Developing long term customer commitment
  • Action planning to drive results

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Negotiating For Profit

Selling revolves around one key concept – persuasion. Negotiating can be looked at as a problem solving process in which the needs of both parties will be in part accommodated in the outcome.

New Business Development

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is finding new business, in addition to holding on to existing customers. Most businesses lose on average 10% of customers each year so a consistent flow of profitable business coming in is essential..

Value Selling

Successful sales people never lose sight of the main focus which is to sell in order to increase revenue. But, as the saying goes “you cannot put the same shoe on every foot”. The Value Selling process emphasises the importance of listening to your client before trying to offer a solution.

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