Global High Tech Manufacturer

Turnover: Billions | Employees: ~ 15,000

The client is a top 5 global operator in a high-technology manufacturing niche, generating turnover well into the billions and employing in excess of 15,000 people globally.  With over 300,000 product lines, complex global relationships and long-term customer relationships, the quality of sales and commercial staff is critical to the ongoing success of this business.

The Challenge

The client had observed decreasing levels of confidence amongst its global sales teams.  Customer demands were becoming ever more complex and challenging, and the client’s price increase programme was failing.  Profit Improvement Programmes were engaged to improve the capturing of what the client perceived to be “lost value”.

The Programme

Working across time-zones and global teams, Profit Improvement Programmes ran a series of video conference sessions designed to improve confidence and capabilities in capturing value for the client’s high-class services.

To build on that success, Profit Improvement Programmes was then invited to design and deliver tailored content at the client’s annual Sales Conference week in Europe.  This involved both large and small group sessions.


The business’s global sales growth rate has increased slightly since the programme, with the additional value captured running into the tens of millions of pounds.  At the same time, the client’s price increase campaign since our involvement has proven to be the most successful in the past half-dozen years.

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