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PiP Associates is a bespoke sales and management consultancy offering client focused strategic sales advice and solutions to ensure an improvement in profitability. 

Our consultants are highly experienced sales people having held senior sales roles and director positions across multiple sectors.  PiP Associates has worked with a diverse variety of business across the globe from multinationals, to family run businesses seeking to grow and develop. 

Delivering success depends on the knowledge, skills, motivation and collective focus of everyone in an organisation.

This is the founding principle of PiP Associates. We are an internationally renowned, results-focused sales and management training and consultancy business. Our methodology is practical and clear: work hard to understand your business, develop material content that is relevant and results-focused, deliver it utilising the principles of Accelerated Learning and follow up to ensure that theory is turned into practice and results.

Leaders in Results-based training.

Whether your challenge is increasing sales and market share, improving prices and margins, negotiating better contracts or improving management performance, we can help.

We have been successfully delivering results-based training programmes for over 15 years, working with hundreds of successful client companies, helping them identify areas for improvement and delivering training and development solutions to thousands of delegates, ensuring continuous progress in performance and results.

Having built up a vast range of material and best practice from a wide range of industries, we are in a position to provide a tailored and successful solution to most business issues.

Resolving Business Challenges.

Here are a few examples of the challenges we work on with our clients:
  • How to increase margins in our top 10 accounts.
  • Helping clients achieve their growth ambitions.
  • Selling based on value rather than price.
  • Increasing prices without business loss.
  • Identification of areas for revenue and profit improvements.
  • Developing a consistent flow of profitable new business.
  • Building customer value through understanding real customer requirements.
  • Negotiating improved value into every deal.
  • Delivering presentations that have real impact and get results.
  • Reducing the costs of trading with major customers.
  • Creating a one team approach between internal and external sales teams.
  • Improving management performance and results.
  • Developing a clearly defined sales strategy.
  • Providing third party assessment of a business, adding a valuable external layer to internal expertise.
  • Sales auditing consultancy services.
  • Assessing the strength and weaknesses of a target business’ sales and commercial functions.
As you can see, there are few challenges in the commercial arena that we have not encountered and we relish the opportunity to help improve results in these and other business and sales related areas.

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Negotiating For Profit

Selling revolves around one key concept – persuasion. Negotiating can be looked at as a problem solving process in which the needs of both parties will be in part accommodated in the outcome.

New Business Development

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is finding new business, in addition to holding on to existing customers. Most businesses lose on average 10% of customers each year so a consistent flow of profitable business coming in is essential..

Value Selling

Successful sales people never lose sight of the main focus which is to sell in order to increase revenue. You cannot put the same shoe on every foot. The Value Selling process emphasises the importance of listening to your client before trying to offer a solution.

Strategic Account Management

How best can a sales person manage and develop their key accounts to maximise profitable growth?  Strategic Account Management is an approach to clients that focuses on developing a mutually beneficial relationship with a company’s most important customers. 

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